We’re marketers, hiring marketers

Scale Up build the most effective marketing teams by applying their combined experience of marketing and recruitment.

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Our approach to building the winning team

So we know who will really drive growth and the skill set required. We support you end to end, from brief through to onboarding and manage the entire process.

The skillset required to be ‘marketer no.1’ or even no.10 is very different to an established brand where processes and brand are already in place.

At Scale Up, we build and deliver marketing strategies that scale challenger brands. As part of this, we build the best marketing team to deliver it.

After building marketing teams such as Starling Bank’s, we work with startups and scale ups to ensure they have the right talent, for the right stage of growth, advising the most effective mix of in-house, freelance and agency support for you.


We select candidates from our constantly growing diverse community of marketing talent and screen selected talent for initial suitability

Initial Interviews

We do the first interviews and establish who’s right for the roles


We use a scoring system to determine who qualifies for the next round interview

Formal Interviews

We set up, execute and manage a fair and equitable interview process

Making an offer

We help you with offer management and securing your hires


We help you onboard your new hires

What our clients say

Amber Perng, Co-founder, Salmo

Scaling business at speed.

To any startup founder looking for the right marketing person but having no idea how to begin, I highly recommend working with The Scale Up Collective; they’re a wonderful group of people for recruitment support.

Testimonial author
Robin Peters, CEO and Co-Founder, Snugg

Built our marketing team from scratch

The Scale Up team have been fully engaged “Snuggsters”, bringing us top drawer marketing talent and taking real ownership of our marketing and overall business success

Testimonial author
Dale Pearson, Head of Marketing, Geckoboard

The best hiring process I Have experienced

They took their time to understand my business model & requirements, utilised their networks & resources to find the most compatible candidates, patiently corresponded with every step of their progress & arranged regular meetings with me to discuss & analyse options.

Testimonial author
— Emma Maslen, CEO, Inspir’em

Very grateful for the time back.

Very grateful for the time back.Energetic, innovative and reliable. Lucy ranks at the top of my league table in most categories - entrepreneur, CMO, coach...Lucy and the ScaleUp team hired an amazing content manager / marketing manager for me recently and I am very grateful to them for giving me time back in the recruitment process - knowing they would shortlist fabulous candidates...More

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