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Otta’s Growth Hack for Going Global

June 4, 2024
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Otta has revolutionised the job search landscape with its cutting-edge AI, offering a bespoke experience that aligns talent with their ideal tech roles worldwide. It's like Tinder for tech talent, but more sophisticated and without the awkward swiping.

Since launching in January 2020 Otta says it has gone from 1,000 applications sent per month to more than 5,000 every day. Across the Atlantic, there are currently 16,600 software engineering roles listed on Otta (31% of all US roles), followed by 9,500 sales roles, 5,200 marketing roles, and 4,200 data roles.

But how did Otta gain such explosive growth and expand to global markets?

📍 Localised Job Listings That Speaks Volumes:

Understanding and engaging audiences with tailored language and personalised references is key because it builds trust, enhances relatability, and improves communication effectiveness.

Otta tailors the platform to local languages, humour, and cultural nuances creating a highly connected audience. They engage with local audiences using localised witty job listings for example, a job listing in Sydney for a Software Engineer position talked about “building code as sturdy as the Harbour Bridge” and joked about having “a healthy obsession with Tim Tams”.

This approach not only attracts attention but also ensures the content is more accessible and meaningful to the target audience.

🌏 Forging Wide-Reaching Partnerships

Otta’s strategic partnerships with tech hubs, co-working spaces, and universities in key cities like Berlin and Bangalore have been pivotal. Otta can access both fresh talent pools but also build brand awareness and trust among local tech communities. Their presence at major tech events, such as Web Summit 2023 and Slush Helsinki 2023, coupled with joining the Tech in Asia Conference 2023, has resulted in huge success in expanding into new markets to become a global platform for tech job seekers and recruiters.

🙌 Content that Resonates on a Global Scale

Otta’s strategy of creating content that connects on a global scale has been instrumental in its international growth. By delivering a diverse array of content, from in-depth trend analysis to practical career advice, all tailored to the linguistic and cultural nuances of various regions, Otta has established itself as a place of knowledge in the tech community.

This approach not only positions Otta as a thought leader but also drives organic engagement from potential candidates around the world. For example, their insightful blog posts in Portuguese sharing insights on AI or webinars in Chinese discussing career growth in Silicon Valley, not only provide value but also foster a sense of community among tech professionals.

🔁 Online and Offline Communities

Otta's community building efforts extend beyond the digital realm, fostering robust online and offline networks where tech enthusiasts can connect and discuss career advice, tech trends, and job opportunities.

Otta hosts dedicated forums and groups where users can connect and discuss career advice, tech trends, and job opportunities. This creates a valuable knowledge-sharing platform and builds a sense of belonging among users. Otta recognises the importance of catering to diverse backgrounds and languages. They offer content in multiple languages, from blog posts and webinars to social media interactions. This makes the community more accessible and inclusive for tech professionals worldwide. Otta regularly hosts online events and webinars featuring industry experts, company representatives, and career coaches. These expert led events provide valuable learning opportunities and user networking opportunities, further strengthening the community spirit.

In conclusion, Otta isn’t just transforming how tech professionals find their next opportunity, it’s redefining the global tech recruitment landscape. By prioritising cultural nuances, diversity, community, and content, Otta is not just a platform but a movement, championing a more inclusive, connected, and fulfilling tech industry for all.


👉 Forging strategic relationships with tech hubs and making a mark at global tech events have been crucial for Otta's expansion.

👉Otta creates diverse, region-specific content to establish itself as a global thought leader in tech recruitment

👉 Otta fosters robust online and offline tech communities, promoting knowledge sharing and networking among tech professionals.