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How to compete on price when it’s all about value

June 4, 2024
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Finding the right balance between pricing and value can be a complex task for businesses, particularly in sectors where customer perceptions and experiences greatly influence buying decisions. In the competitive landscape of meal kit delivery, businesses like Mindful Chef (challenger) and Hello Fresh (market leader) face the challenges of setting themselves apart. It’s not just about undercutting your competitors; it’s about creating a value proposition that speaks directly to the consumers.

This blog explores how companies, particularly Mindful Chef, can stand out in a crowded market and position themselves with an enhanced value proposition that resonates with socially and environmentally conscious consumers, inspiring them to become part of a larger, positive movement. Mindful Chef is steadily stealing market share of key competitors like Gusto and HelloFresh by focusing on the ethos of a niche segment vs. the majority. In comparison. HelloFresh who built itself it’s market leader position as the provider of the hassle-free cooking experience.

⚡Understanding the market

Within the meal kit delivery landscape, consumer preferences span convenience, quality, variety, and affordability. While HelloFresh caters to a wide audience with its diverse meal options, Mindful Chef targets health-conscious individuals, offering meals that are not just nutritious but also underscore a deeper commitment to social and environmental causes. This strategic positioning allows Mindful Chef to justify a premium, with the understanding that the value customers receive extends far beyond the dinner plate.

Emphasising unique value proposition

➡️ Mindful Chef: Distinguishing itself in the market, Mindful Chef leverages its unique value proposition by focusing on health-centric meals crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. However, the brand's narrative deepens with its dedication to impactful initiatives: each recipe box sold contributes a meal to a child living in poverty, highlighting a direct link between consumer choice and global welfare. Furthermore, Mindful Chef’s commitment to carbon labelling, investment in regenerative farming, and ambition for Net Zero by 2030, weave an appealing story for customers who value both nutritional and ethical consumption.

➡️ Hello Fresh: In contrast, HelloFresh competes with a broad selection of meals, appealing to a diverse customer base with its versatility and value for money. Its success lies in mass appeal, providing a different form of value through variety and convenience.

Leveraging brand and community

Both Mindful Chef and Hello Fresh build strong brand identities and communities by aligning with their customers' values. Mindful Chef, in particular, strengthens its brand through initiatives that resonate with a growing segment of consumers who prioritise sustainability and social responsibility alongside health. This approach not only fosters loyalty but also elevates the perceived value of their offerings, making the price a reflection of broader benefits.

⚡Strategic pricing tactics

While maintaining competitive pricing is crucial, Mindful Chef demonstrates that integrating social and environmental missions can enhance perceived value. Through strategic promotions and tiered pricing models, they cater to a range of budgets while emphasising the added value of contributing to meaningful causes with every purchase.

Investing in customer experience

Both Mindful Chef and Hello Fresh invest heavily in the customer experience, from the ease of ordering and flexible delivery options to the quality of their meal kits and customer service. By ensuring a positive experience, they increase customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals, which can be more valuable than competing on price alone.


The meal kit delivery space is much more than a battle of price tags. Mindful Chef stands out, showing that true success is built on delivering real value that resonates deeply with consumers' values and aspirations. By masterfully blending a strong value proposition with thoughtful pricing strategies, Mindful Chef doesn't just sell meals; it invites customers to invest in a lifestyle that champions health, sustainability, and social equity. The magic of their approach lies in offering more than just convenience and taste; they provide a chance to contribute to meaningful change. In today's market, being the budget option can catch an eye, but offering a chance to be part of something bigger, to truly make a difference—that's what captures hearts and builds lasting success.