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How and when to start investing in brand

June 4, 2024
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Investing in your brand is more than just a marketing strategy; it's an essential step to build connections with your audience and drive sustainable growth.

A strong brand not only differentiates itself in the marketplace but also deeply resonates with the hearts and minds of your target audience, establishing loyalty and encouraging organic growth.

This blog explores how and when to invest in audience insights to build brand experience in the early days 🚀

⚡How much to spend

My answer to this question is honestly, how long is a piece of string? It all depends on how deep your pockets are and what your targets are.

But as an overall guide, be as frugal as possible with the big shiny elements at first - spending time investing in understanding your target audience and ensuring their first experiences of the brand are positive.

The truth is, however prepared you feel, your brand and offering will always evolve as you get out into the open so you want to be as agile as possible - if you’ve spent all your budget already, you won’t be able to optimise and be successful later on.

Once you feel more comfortable, getting closer to product market fit, is a time to invest in a more developed branding look & feel, tone of voice, brand assets like websites etc.

The first step: understanding your audience

➡️ Why this is important

The start of your branding journey must begin with a solid understanding of your audience. Insights into their behaviours, preferences, needs, and challenges inform every aspect of your brand strategy. From the visual identity to the tone of communication, knowing your audience ensures your brand is not just seen but felt.

➡️ When to get started

Building a brand isn’t just about your logo, it’s about your behaviour.

  • Investing in this from day one, ensuring that you nurture your first users and supporters well will build foundations for future success.
  • Before you’re ready to start investing in paid media to scale, ensure you have tested and optimised your brand positioning and messaging to resonate with your core target audience.
  • As you evolve or even pivot, a strong brand purpose and vision will ensure you are well placed in the hearts of your current and future customers.
  • To beat the competition, differentiate your brand based on your audience insights by crafting messages that speak directly to unmet wants and needs.

⚡Building a community with insight

➡️ Craft Your Message

Your brand's voice should echo the sentiments of your target audience. This not only attracts but sustains a community built on shared values and interests.

➡️ Engagement Through Relevance

True engagement stems from relevance. Create a content strategy based on audience insights that reflect their interests and trends within your community. This dynamic approach keeps your community engaged and growing.

➡️ User-Generated Content (UGC) as Insight Tools

Encourage your community to share their own content related to your brand. This provides you with authentic promotional material and makes your community feel involved and valued whilst offering a goldmine of insights. Analysing user-generated content reveals what your audience values about your brand, guiding further investment and community-building strategies.

⚡Enhancing customer experience through audience understanding

➡️ Personalised Experiences

Armed with audience insights, you can tailor every touchpoint to meet specific needs and preferences. Personalisation, rooted in deep audience understanding, elevates the customer experience, making each interaction memorable and meaningful.

➡️ Feedback Loops

Integrate mechanisms to continuously gather and analyse customer feedback. This ongoing dialogue keeps your brand in tune with evolving audience expectations, ensuring your brand remains relevant and responsive.

➡️ Service with Insight

Amazing customer service is not just about solving problems quickly; it's also about empathy. Work with your team to recognise and anticipate customer needs based on insights, transforming service interactions into opportunities for deeper connection.

Final Thoughts

Investing in your brand is an investment in your audience. Every pound spent on branding should be informed by a deep understanding of who your audience is and what they are looking for. This insight-driven approach ensures your brand not only stands out but speaks directly to those you aim to serve.

Whether you're just starting or steering your brand through new challenges, remember: the heart of your brand is your audience. By aligning every aspect of your branding with their desires, challenges, and expectations, you build more than just a brand; you build a legacy that resonates across time and trends.